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Model Applying Cream


"Cell Fusion C has recently been recognized as a professional and excellent solution for improving skin problems by winning the Grand Prize in the '2018 Korea Best Brand Award for the medical skin care brand category. At the event, Cell Fusion C was honored with a professional and excellent solution for improving skin problems.


Cell Fusion C will continue to grow as a genuine brand for consumers to find the right product for their skin condition."

Skincare Model



"The REVIDERM method has been developed based on the latest research in modern dermatology and cosmetology.

During the formulation of the products, care is taken to eliminate if possible any allergenic substances and to avoid any skin irritating ingredients.

Every single product is adapted to the needs of the skin. In addition to the selection of the active agents, the concentration and penetration of the active agents is responsible for the optimum results.


REVIDERM skintelligence makes no compromises and gives the skin exactly as much as it needs."

Flower Girl


"The MO Clinical skin care line is proven to help enhance the skin's natural defense systems as well as stimulate metabolism to increase the cell renewal process for optimal skin benefits. 

The active ingredients used in the MO Clinical product line cater to all skin types. With our all-natural, alcohol-free, and paraben-free products, our premium and advanced skin care line gently renews skin cells, brightens tone, reduces signs of aging, restores skin's hydration, and balances the pH levels. From calming sensitive skin to reducing lines and wrinkles in aging skin, MO Clinical does it all!"

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