Skincare Synergy for An Everlasting Youthful Complexion

Seacret brings you cutting-edge advanced Dead Sea skincare. Seacret unlocks the potential of the Dead Sea in a proprietary formulation—introducing Bio Shield Complex. Natural ingredients together with ground-breaking biotechnology create a dynamic, 3-layer shield to face anti-aging—beautifully. Clean, safe formulas address visible signs of aging to help support beautiful skin.

Bio Shield Complex Set includes:

  • Radiance Hydrating Water 
  • Supercharged Moisture Cream 
  • Supercharged Moisture Lotion 
  • Dynamic Radiance Essence 
  • Supercharged Eye Cream 
  • Beauty Sleep Mask

The best of East meets West, the Bio Shield experience begins with our unique, 12-step fermentation process inspired by ancient Eastern practices. This a game-changing advance in Dead Sea minerals cosmetic technology.  

More than 2 years in the Making, Bio Shield Complex is worth the wait. The products are designed to layer on your skin, resulting in skincare synergy for a most profound beauty regimen.

Bio Shield Key Differentiators:

  • FERMENT 21™
  • Red Microalgae Polysaccharide
  • Beta Glucan Polysaccharide

Bio Shield is formulated and produced with clean consciousness so you can feel good about using the products and sharing the benefits with others. The result? A complete, 6-piece skincare regimen that helps protect the skin from moisture loss, bringing radiance and revitalizing qualities to the complexion.

Once you try this amazing new product line, you’ll understand why Bio Shield Complex is true skincare synergy.

Bio Shield Complex 6pc Set